Essex cast iron guideposts in the


Brentwood Borough has five cast iron guideposts still in place.  All are examples by Maldon Iron Works.  With the exception of the Great Warley post, all are being maintained to a fairly good standard.  The use of roundel (disc) finials is rare and those of Ingatestone, 


exbw03.jpg (38083 bytes)

Location:  Hutton.  Rayleigh Road (A129) at junction with Hutton Village. NGR:  TQ 6347 9512 Date:  16 Nov 2002
Maker:  Maldon Iron Works
Details:  One of only two posts that remain on the A129.  (The other is at Rayleigh.)  Roundel (disc).  The Maldon Iron Works circular logo appears on the arms.  Probably part of an order by Essex County Council dated 12 December 1927. Credit:  John V Nicholls
exbw02.jpg (54729 bytes) Location:  Herongate.  At the junction of Billericay Road and Brentwood Road (A128). NGR:  TQ 6298 9112 Date:   16 Nov 2002
Maker:  Maldon Iron Works
Details: Halo (annulus) finial inscribed ESSEX COUNTY COUNCIL.  The arm towards BILLERICAY is a bolted on replacement of unknown date and has road number box cast into it. The original almost certainly did not have this feature.  It was repainted c.2001. Credit:  John V Nicholls
exbw01a.jpg (60551 bytes) Location:  Great Warley.  Junction of Warley Road and Great Warley Street (B186) opposite "The Thatcher's Arms".  NGR: TQ 5834 9071 Date:  9 Nov 2002 and  21 Jan 2005.
Maker:  Maldon Iron Works. 
Details:  Only one of three arms intact.  Even with two broken arms a new coat of paint would have  made this guidepost an asset to the area especially if original black and white banding was applied.  Wish long enough and you wish will come true.  The post was noted as painted in January 2005.  CLICK THUMBNAIL for "then and now" pictures. Credit:  John V Nicholls
exbw04.jpg (23615 bytes) Location:  Ingatestone (north).  Roman Road (High Street) B1002 opposite New Road. NGR:  TQ 6535 9989 Date:   2002
Maker:  Maldon Iron Works. 
Details: Two arms with disc finial.  A third arm at the top (to Mill Green and Fryerning?) was probably removed after Ingatestone bypass was built and road to northwest stopped up.  Dates from the 1 June 1926 order. Credit:   Geoff Perrior
exbw05.jpg (55430 bytes) Location:  Ingatestone (south).  Junction of Roman Road (High Street) B1002 and Station Road. NGR: TQ 6469 9923 Date:   2002
Maker:  Maldon Iron Works
Details:  Single (replacement if unknown date by Ingatestone Forge) arm and roundel ( disc) finial.  The post and single arm was part of an original order by Essex County Council dated 1 June 1926.  Credit:  Geoff Perrior