Great Dunmow's post when complete.

Credit and thanks to Steve Daly.

Hi John,
Excellent website!  With reference to the photograph of the fingerpost in the Braintree District section entitled, "Location:   Great Dunmow.  On B184 Chelmsford Road at junction with Station Road."  The text states, "May have had a fourth arm pointing to Dunmow Station."  I can confirm that this example DID have a fourth arm pointing to Dunmow Station.  This read, "L.N.E.RY. STATION & GOODS YARD".  Unfortunately, I can't recall when it was removed.  I did approach Essex County Council some years ago with a view to purchasing the arm, but was told that it was in a "heritage area" so would have to remain intact!  Needless to say, it has subsequently been removed, presumably by the County Council.
Please find attached, a photograph of the fingerpost, taken when it was intact, although again I cannot be certain of the exact date.
I have a particular interest in Dunmow station as my maternal grand-parents lived in The Avenue within sight of the station.  As a lad I spent many a happy hour exploring what was then an infrequently used "goods only" station.

Steve Daly